What is Coursedot?

We believe that high-quality IT education should be accessible to everyone passionate about technology. Our mission is to democratize the IT training market and make it more efficient, transparent and centered around the needs of IT professionals. We empower people to achieve excellence through unlimited learning opportunities and the freedom to learn their way.

What can you find here?

We created the Coursedot marketplace with the aim to find and gather the best IT trainings for all things tech. It’s a place where you can find thousands and thousands of high quality IT trainings, e-books, etc.

We are constantly adding and improving the database with tons of various IT trainings. There are IT trainings for all the top platforms from Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Oracle, Amazon and many more. The trainings cover a vast amount of technologies including cloud, security, DevOps, mobile and etc. They are suitable for the IT teams of all types of organizations. You name it, we most likely have it.

But what if we don’t have it? Well, this where our team’s expertise kicks into high gear. Just drop us a line and let us know what type of training and content your team needs. Chances are we can find a perfect match for you along with the right trainer.

This includes, but it’s not limited to, classroom trainings, virtual instructor-led courses, labs and even fully custom trainings. We firmly believe that “accessible” means not only “affordable”, but also “useable” and “right” for your needs.

Who partners with us?

Coursedot is partnering with over 400 of the top global and local training providers. Among them are Global Knowledge, Fast Lane, Simplilearn, Packt, Skillsoft, QA and many, many more. Our marketplace combines their portfolios at one place, right at your fingertips.

We have also built a vast global community of more than 2200 certified IT instructors. They are always up-to-date with the latest and hottest IT trends and can lead quality trainings in various topics and even more importantly - in various languages.

Who we are for?

Coursedot started with the ambitious goal to make IT trainings accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we know we have to be there for the specific needs of businesses and also of individuals. Our marketplace is opened to everyone who wants to advance their IT careers. We’re always adding more affordable courses and e-books to suit individuals’ needs and budgets.

With that said, we’re also offering a special Coursedot for Business line. We work closely with HRs and heads of technical teams to help them pick the right trainings and get the most for their training budgets. There are also special full training solutions, custom workshops, on-site instructor-led trainings and volume discounts. If you want the best IT trainings for you business, be sure to drop us a line.

Who we are for?

It’s easy to say what we can do and offer, but it’s also good to put some faces to the voices and emails, right? First, some history. Coursedot started in 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria as the new iteration of the company previously called IT Instructor.

In this short amount of time Coursedot has had quite the run. We were named among the Top 20 Rising EdTech companies in the world in 2016 by EdTechXGlobal, the organizers of the leading thought leader summit EdTechXEurope. This year we landed in the Top 20 EdTech companies in the 2017 EdTechXGlobal Awards.

Coursedot was also named Startup of the Year by the InvestBulgaria Agency for 2016. And in 2017 Coursedot received the Central European Startup Award for Startup of the Year in Bulgaria. We’ve also been honored to be among the top 3 starting businesses in the Forbes Business Awards 2016 in Bulgaria. So, things are certainly on the right track.

The team behind Coursedot

“Find and book IT training courses at the right time, location, and price with Coursedot.” This was one of our first taglines from back in the day. But a company is nothing without the team which builds it.

In order to have a great company, first you need a great team. We are fortunate enough so say we have one. We are a team of people with strong passion for technology, learning, training and developing not only ourselves, but others, too. It probably sounds like your typical cliché, but it is simply the truth.

All of us firmly believe that the future will be for technology, that change is needed and we can be a driving force for it, especially in IT training. All of us know this means a lot of work and constant personal improvement. But it also has the potential to be something truly great.

You can probably see and feel this passion in our team. Check them out:

Teodor Panayotov

Co-founder & CEO

Georgi Ganchev

Co-founder & CEO

Christian Tanev

COO & Talent Manager

Rita Mihaylova

Operations Manager

Martin Deshev

Marketing Manager

Simeon Simeonov

Sales Manager

Silvia Kirkova

Senior Web Designer