Better Learning for IT Camp

With such a vast choice of IT trainings, courses, books and other materials, it can be quite difficult to pick the right content. Coursedot and The Camp have partnered to create the Better Learning for IT Camp. The goal is simple: to help IT professionals find the exact IT learning materials they need quickly and easily, curated and recommended by Coursedot trainers.

What is Better Learning for IT Camp?

It is an online platform where top IT trainers and IT professionals create collections of IT learning resources. These resources include articles, events, courses, books, demos, and more. They are divided into topics - technology, vendors, entrepreneurship for IT, B2B marketing for IT, etc.

These collections can feature materials from many sources and combine the best to achieve a certain goal or to cover a given topic. For example, they can represent a full path of courses for a certification or to offer valuable additional information for IT professionals to hone their skills.

Why we created Better Learning for IT Camp?

We created it with the end goal of designing a place where all IT professionals, engineers and developers can create and explore collections of resources, curated and recommended by top experts in different technology fields.

The access to the Camp is completely free after registration. IT experts and professionals will have the opportunity to sign up for Better Learning for IT Camp.

Benefits for IT professionals

  • Free access to collections which are curated and recommended by top professionals and certified IT trainers
  • The freedom to learn from a wide range of resources
  • The ability to organize the trainings and materials in personal collections and share them
  • Join teams of other IT professionals and collaborate with the people and combine your resources and skills
  • Get access to great deals, discounts and exclusive offers

Benefits for IT trainers

  • Free access to the collections and the entire camp
  • The opportunity to share your knowledge with other experts and professionals
  • Build your own brand as a top expert by creating and sharing your collections of various IT learning resources
  • Better exposure to your own resources and work
  • Meet and collaborate with skilled IT experts from various fields

What you can find on the camp

The Better Learning for IT Camp features collections with links and ideas to several IT topics. Here are a couple of collections already featured in the Camp:

Collections for specific roles like:

  • The books to help DevOps achieve even more
  • The essential eBooks for mobile developers
  • Exponential Organizations and Technologies

Special platform-oriented collections like:

  • The Ultimate Microsoft eBooks collection
  • The best JavaScript books
  • Learning more about Amazon Web Services

How to join The Better Learning for IT Camp

It is an honor to invite you and have you on board in the Camp. The process to join is very simple. Fill the form for the The Better Learning for IT Camp and register. The process takes a couple of minutes and it is absolutely free. Then you will receive an invite once your application is approved.

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