Coursedot For Business

Medium and big companies often have very specific needs and demands. For example one company might work with a custom platform which demands special training. Or the company needs to improve the skills of its IT team to be more efficient or to be even more innovative. The Coursedot For Business line meets the needs and provides tailor-made solutions for its clients - companies from several industries including telecoms, software developers, cloud service providers, finance etc.

In fact, all innovative and tech-savvy organizations need dedicated IT teams. And many of those organizations also have training budgets to keep the skills of their teams up-to-date. But this isn’t enough.

The problem is many companies then come across unexpected challenges and issues. For example, how to pick the right training courses? Or from which vendor? Coursedot solves this with its diverse marketplace which offers flexibility and agility to combine, compare and match the needs of the company.

Finding the right trainer is also a challenge and setting up the training dates, travel and etc. is another time-consuming task. Coursedot for Business builds on top of the marketplace with a custom service created to solve the these problems and meet the demands of enterprises. Heads of technical teams and HRs use Coursedot for Business to develop the full potential of their employees and achieve their business goals.

What Coursedot for Business offers

  • Full training solutions, including on-site instructor led trainings
  • Custom training and workshops for all IT needs - Request a Custom Course
  • Hire the top certified IT trainers for all types of IT trainings the company needs
  • Volume discounts
  • Cross-vendor discounts - the company is not tied to only one training company and can use a discount for courses from different vendors and in tailor-made IT training bundles per request
  • Personal consultation with a dedicated account manager and support for choosing the right trainings and certification paths
  • Organizing the entire training process - from picking the right courses, hiring the trainers to setting up the venue (if one is needed) to the transport and accomodation details.

Futhermore, Coursedot for Business is flexible. This means business users can only use the features and services they actually need. Fees are negotiable and clients never pay for features they don’t use.

How to learn more and join Coursedot for Business

If you are interested to learn more about how Coursedot for Business can help your organization’s specific needs, simply contact us via the form below. The Coursedot team will provide you with specific details for your case and a free consultation.