Coursedot for Instructors

Coursedot has a worldwide network with over 2200 certified IT instructors in over 73 countries. They work with Coursedot and help provide the quality trainings from top providers with the best and most suitable trainers for clients.

Coursedot works with some of the top IT trainers. Coursedot for Instructors features certified IT instructors in all tech niches like mobile and web development, DevOps, network, cloud and etc. They possess knowledge in all IT niches. From current top trends like mobile development to futuristic tech like artificial intelligence. If you are an IT trainer and want to work with more clients and expand your skills and opportunities, then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our network top IT trainers, Coursedot is able to provide top trainers for IT trainings all over the globe in any format. And in most cases the training can be led in the local language.

Why join Coursedot for Instructors

Coursedot for Instructors is an important part of the overall strategy of Coursedot. The main goal of Coursedot is to make IT trainings more accessible to everyone. Skilled trainers like you are a vital ingredient in achieving this.

Coursedot aims to combine the best trainers with the best training vendors and give them the competitive edge. At the core of Coursedot’s business is to help companies and providers find and hire the most advanced trainers for their current needs. Coursedot also helps instructors work with the best vendors and get more teaching opportunities. And Coursedot helps both sides get the most out of each opportunity while easing the burden of organizing the trainings and logistics.

Continuous development of skills for IT trainers is a must in the fast changing IT professionals’ landscape. In order to provide quality trainings of highest value, Coursedot often offers additional support to trainers. For example, helping them get the latest certifications.

What does Coursedot offer you

  • Access to the Coursedot Instructor Hub Note: The Instructor Hub is undergoing a major transformation, so some features are still WIP.
  • Support for the organization of trainings, including for traveling and accommodation
  • Teach courses ordered by clients via the Coursedot marketplace
  • Teach custom IT trainings made by Coursedot
  • Promote your own custom trainings, workshops and books on the Coursedot Marketplace
  • Create virtual instructor-led courses for the Coursedot Marketplace or custom orders
  • Record on-demand training videos
  • Support for additional certifications
  • Timely payments
  • Accurate feedback from clients after trainings

How to join us

For the full experience, please send us your CV and certification details via the form below. Our team will review it and add you to our network. This will make you one of the top considerations for trainers every time a new opportunity fits your certifications and credentials.

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