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What types of IT trainings you can find on the Coursedot marketplace

There are lots of types of trainings and courses available online and offline. The Coursedot marketplace offers rich choices suitable for every need. But how to decide which delivery type of training is actually appropriate for your goals?

Choosing the delivery method is an important decision. It should be based on the goals that have to be achieved. For example, it can be a short video training which then employees can refer to later on. Or maybe a big, complex training for a new platform or certifications. Maybe a bit of both. There are a lot of options for sure.

It’s also a choice that can depend on the learning style and preferences of the trainees. For example, some people prefer books and reading. Others would like more videos and interactions To help you with the decisions and pick the right type of training, here is a short descriptions of the different types of trainings available on the Coursedot marketplace.

On-site courses

On-site courses are the all-time classic. The evergreen. They mix the traditional classroom-like lessons with interactive features, tasks, even homework (don’t worry, only sometimes). These types of trainings are often held at another city and are a way of mixing team building with a trip and learning new skills. They can also be quite intensive and last for several days of near full-time lessons. A certified trainer teaches the group.


  • The classic and best way to learn about a complex new platform or get ready for a certification exam.
  • On-site trainings cover a vast amount of information about the topic and can go very in-depth.
  • The trainer can have an individual approach to each trainee to help them learn.
  • Can be ideal for custom trainings per request.
  • Often include additional materials, exercises, i.e. labs.


  • Can be quite time consuming and last for a few days.
  • Can be overwhelming if mixed with regular day-to-day work.
  • On-site trainings require the hiring of an experienced certified trainer (Coursedot can help with that, too) .
  • On-site trainings can be quite expensive, especially with traveling and accommodation.

Suitable for:

  • In-depth trainings
  • Complex new platforms or updates
  • Medium and big IT teams
  • When time isn’t a pressing issue

Instructor-led online courses

Sometimes there aren’t enough funds or time for a full-scale on-site training with a venue, traveling and so on. Yet, the detail and in-depth approach of an on-site training is still needed. Instructor-led online courses mix the best of both worlds. They allow trainees to interact with trainers via an online connection in real time.

Instructor-led online courses can vary greatly. They can be just like on-site trainings and last for hours across several days. They can also be quite short. Technology also allows for different approaches like video conference calls or a simple screen-share and so on.


  • Can be very in-depth and cover a lot of details for the topic
  • Can be used for quick trainings when time matters
  • Lower overall costs
  • Allow for a bit of an individual approach from the instructor


  • Instructor-led online trainings can require a lot of time when in-depth
  • Interruptions in the connection can cause problems with the training process
  • Limits the co-working aspect of trainings
  • Doesn’t allow full interaction between trainer and trainees

Suitable for:

  • In-depth trainings on broader topics
  • Example-heavy trainings with screen-sharing
  • When time matters, but isn’t vital
  • Individuals looking to hone their skills

On-demand recorded trainings

Sometime time and costs matter. This is where on-demand recorded trainings come in. They can also be very in-depth and used as a preparation for a certification exam. Recorded courses often allow to be revisited by the trainees later. Others are a one-time view – it depends on the license from the vendor. Recorded trainings are also a lot cheaper, but lack the personal touch of the trainer.


  • Available immediately after payment
  • Often allow revisiting and rewatching
  • Recorder trainings also offer great in-depth detail
  • These trainings are a lot cheaper
  • Often can be viewed on-the-go on different devices
  • Allow self-pacing
  • Ideal for long-lasting trainings for new employees


  • Recorded trainings lack the real communication between trainer and trainee
  • They rely on the trainee’s personal responsibility to get through the material in time
  • Can’t be adapted or updated unless recorded again

Suitable for:

  • Any type and size of company and IT teams
  • Individuals who want to add more skills
  • When time matters a lot
  • When on a small budget


Workshops are a popular type of training as well. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes, but there’s an important difference. Workshops aren’t in-depth enough and are not recognized as meeting the requirements for certification exams. Still, they can be quite detailed, personalized and useful in many situations where an exam or certification is not needed.


  • Workshops can cover a lot of ground and basics before an in-depth training
  • Workshops can also offer a lot of details for a topic
  • They can come in any form – on-site with a trainer, online, recorded and so on
  • Can be a lot cheaper than trainings, but that depends on their depth and detail
  • Preferred for custom and in-house trainings


  • Workshops are very often not recognized as being enough to allow a certification exam
  • They are viewed mostly as a basic step and for general information
  • Depending on the type, they can be as expensive as a full training

Suitable for:

  • Custom trainings of any IT team
  • Individuals who look to improve their skills


Ebooks are a great add-on to any other type of training on the Coursedot marketplace. They can add more detail to the given topic and can help trainees understand it better and learn more. Often, ebooks provide so much information, they are like a mini-training. And they are a lot cheaper than any other training.


  • Available immediately and unlimited after payment
  • Cover a vast array of topics, platforms and technologies
  • A lot cheaper than trainings


  • Not enough for certification exams
  • You have to keep an eye out for updated versions of the ebooks
  • Not everyone likes to read

Suitable for:

  • Individuals who are self-study
  • IT pros who want to hone their skills
  • Additional information before and after trainings

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