Partner Network

Coursedot has a partner network with over 400 of the top global and local training providers - Global Knowledge, Fast Lane, Simplilearn, Packt, Skillsoft, QA and others. The Coursedot marketplace combines their portfolios of training opportunities at one place, right at the fingertips of individual IT professionals, HRs and heads of technical teams in all sizes and types of organizations.

Building strong partnerships is an important part of our goal to democratize the IT training market. In order to make it more efficient, transparent and centered around the needs of IT professionals, we are on a mission to create partnerships with the all top training providers from all over the world.

Why join the Coursedot Marketplace?

Every training provider finds it difficult to reach your potential clients or individual IT professionals. With so many providers out there it can be a challenge to stand out no matter how good the IT training courses are. Thanks to the Coursedot IT training marketplace, the best courses can reach the right people with ease. And every training provider will instantly be able to compete with the best in the business.

5 Reasons to join the Coursedot Marketplace

1. Get full access to the fastest growing IT training marketplace in the world. Compete with over 400 of the world’s top IT training providers for the attention of top names.

2. Receive the ability to add not only dates for in-class trainings, but also to offer eBooks, on-demand video trainings and virtual instructor-led courses.

3. Be part of unique custom offers and training solutions or create them with ease. The Coursedot team will also help popularize partner courses via custom training bundles with additional content or include them in special promotions per the partner’s request.

4. Get additional access to help and support from the Coursedot team. Including API integration and automated course schedule upload.

5. Be able to pair IT trainings with the best IT instructors in the world. Coursedot has built a vast global network of more than 2200 certified IT instructors and counting. The trainers in the Coursedot network have the top technical and teaching experience and can lead quality IT trainings in various topics and even more importantly - in various languages.

How to become a Coursedot partner?

That’s simple. Complete the form below and the Coursedot team will reply within 24 hours with an exact plan according to the requirements and specifications given in the application.