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MHI Global Merges Its Five Key Brands Under One Roof

MHI Global is merging five of what it calls powerhouse brands into one. AchieveGlobal®, Miller Heiman®, Huthwaite®, Impact Learning Systems® and Channel Enablers® have joined forces under the MHI Global banner to provide organizations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing, managing and sustaining long-term customer relationships, the company states.

MHI Global is seeking to expand its suite of services and thinks uniting the brands will help that. “With this merger, five companies become one customer-centric resource. The resulting sum will be greater than all of its parts. With MHI Global, every client engagement will be one that is collaborative, delivering world-class resources for sales performance, customer experience and leadership and management,” says Byron Matthews, president and general manager of MHI Global.

This means that more than 500 employees and contractors in more than 40 countries around the world will unite under the MHI Global brand. They will continue to offer the same services and training resources. The goal is to bring in lots of new possibilities for the customers to mix and match the services and have a broader choice of employee and leadership training to improve productivity and engagement within their companies.

Each of the five brands will bring in their best services and experience. For example Miller Heiman will offer expanded solution portfolios, complementary assets and geographic coverage.

AchieveGlobal will continue to focus on human capital development. It will continue to offer leadership and management training, sales effectiveness and customer experience development. As a part of MHI Global, it will increase the organization’s reach to help companies and business leaders build and sustain customer-focused organizations to drive profitable growth.

Huthwaite is renowned for its sales training for individuals and organizations. Huthwaite provides relevant, research-based training solutions that drive real business results. MHI Global will continue to offer a full solution suite that combines powerful, proven methodologies that strengthen all sales-related functions of the organization.

Channel Enablers is poised on improve sales productivity and company profitability. It is recognized global authority on multi-channel routes to market through experience that makes the difference.

Impact Learning Systems is helping companies achieve strong service brands that increase the value for their customers. It has vast employee performance and training expertise and has created a continuous improvement process.

The merging process is already underway for all of the brands and employees.