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Adobe introduces the learning management system Captivate Prime

Adobe announced the introduction of a new self-service Learning Management System (LMS) called Adobe Captivate Prime for setup and tracking of trainings. The Adobe Captivate Prime LMS can be used for setup, delivery and tracking any form of learning, the company says.

The platform is cloud-based and complements the rest of Adobe’s e-learning tools. It will be able to work with Adobe Captivate 9 which launched together with Captivate Prime, too.

Frost & Sullivan surveys show that over half of the organizations that have already deployed LMS tools want to replace them with new ones as the technology was evolved quite a bit. A big part of these customers also would want to switch vendors mainly because they are not satisfied with the current results. This is exactly the type of market Adobe wants to captivate.

“We are aware of the challenges that organizations face today in rolling out learning programs and keeping employees engaged,” said Matt Thompson, executive vice president, Worldwide Field Operations at Adobe. “Captivate Prime is designed to make the learning management process intuitive, quick and easy to roll out, so users no longer feel IT dependent. The learner-first approach helps build a culture where employees don’t dodge learning, but embrace it.”

Adobe is focusing on four key points that are the essence of Captivate Prime. It has a new Fluidic Player which provides a unified playback experience for all kinds of content for seamless playback of videos and access to documents, bookmarks, added notes and so on.

Second, the platform is utilizing a special personal dashboard for each trainee which shows statistics, recommended courses, skills attained, badges, extra information. It also has a leaderboard to add a competitive element to the trainings. There are extra rewards for learners who show initiative and involvement.

Third, Captivate Prime will allow the use of offline apps for tablets and smartphones. This way learners can have access to some content while away from the web. The apps would then sync automatically when there is a connection.

Fourth, organizations can also use the dashboard to have tracking of the completed courses by employees, what type of skills are most sought after, what is more interesting or more difficult for the learners and so on.

All of this can be used in conjunction with Captivate 9 which “drives responsive eLearning forward by empowering trainers, educators and instructional designers to rapidly create virtually any kind of e-learning content for both desktops and mobile devices”, the company says. Captivate 9 extends authoring capabilities to mobile devices through the new storyboarding app Adobe Captivate Draft which automates the process of converting ideas into storyboards complete with more complex eLearning elements.

Courses created in Captivate 9 can be enhanced using SVG graphics or by selecting content from a new library of more than 25,000 exclusive eLearning assets, such as games, interactions, scenarios, characters and more. Once a course is ready for distribution, users can take advantage of single-click publishing to Captivate Prime, Adobe notes.