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Creativedge launches new Toolkit Plus training sessions

Creativedge Training & Development has announced the launch of new version of its Toolkit Plus training sessions. They will feature new 180-minute sessions which will be available on request, the company says.

The new Toolkit Plus training sessions will include more practice time and various exercises to further help the training process and the learning of the new content. “The 180-minute training sessions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of those participants who would benefit from having more immersive exercises and practice sessions as part of their training, beyond what is offered in the 90-minute sessions,” said Mark McCormack, Creativedge business development manager.

He adds that there will also be the option to address specific concerns about the content. For example if you simply can’t get a part of the lesson. Here you will be able to address that part and get additional help in order to comprehend the content and be able to actually use it. The information is “bite-sized” which allows for easy covering of different parts when your schedule allows so.

The content can be then made into a bespoke 180-minute session which can be developed especially for the needs of a given company by Creativedge. The training session will cover specific requirements by the client company and will be developed to meet the knowledge needs and the staff training requirements. This means, that if the company has spoken with its employees and knows what they need, then it can have a very specific training session developed that will follow the needs of the employees and the actual content they need, presented in the way they prefer.

“By offering training in an extended time frame, people have more time to really practice and fully immerse themselves in what they are learn. They are also able to use more tools and techniques recommended to them by the trainer. This is especially useful for people who have specific training needs required for their job, and as such, would welcome the more specific, in-depth training guidance”, McCormack says in an official statement.

There will also be an option to reflect and review the performance of the trainees with the trainer. This will give more time and more ways to improve the results. The new Toolkit Plus training sessions, including the 180-minute bespoke sessions are already ready.