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Which programming language is essential if you want to work in web development?

If you want to pursue a career in web development (and there are quite a few reasons why you should), then you must know your way around JavaScript. In fact, according to some researches and studies, JavaScript is essential for everyone who want to work in web development.

JavaScript specialists rank about in the middle of the salary chart for programming skills to have, according to Brookings and Burning Glass. A study from earlier this year shows that JavaScript specialists can bank about 91 461 dollars per year. While this is an average figure, the researchers point out that 50% of actual wages will be under it.

Even so, that is still quite a high salary. JavaScript is surpassed only by C++, JAVA, Python, Objective C and Ruby on Rails. The gap is not that big between most of these programming languages. In fact, all of them except the last two rank within ten grand per year. Objective C and Ruby on Rails rank the most high salaries of $108 225 and $109 460 respectively.

Given the wide popularity of JavaScript in websites and web applications and services, it is a good thing to have on your resume. Of course, you should actually know what you are doing. Developing new skills is a vital part of building not only a good resume, but a great career. In a time when digital skills are needed globally it is definitely a good option to consider.

Keep in mind that web services, sites and apps are slated to be in the forefront of the digital economy for the time being. This means that a lot of people will be needed to take part in it, building and coding, developing, maintaining and so on. If it is something that interests you, now is the time to change careers or focus your future career in the digital field and get certified.