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LearnUpon will integrate will Salesforce Cloud CRM

LearnUpon has announced that it will be able to integrate with Salesforce Cloud CRM for direct access to all training data for its customers. The company says the integration will be seamless.

Enrollment, commencement, completion and other training data can now be automatically synced in real-time between LearnUpon and Salesforce. Admins can see what courses their clients, users and contacts have signed up for. There is also the possibility of using widgets which makes the timely tracking of the data easier.

There will be a new LearnUpon for Salesforce app which makes it easy to generate custom reports within the Salesforce environment. Administrators can simply drag and drop training history and required fields into their own reports, Visualforce pages or user/contact profiles.

The integration will provide for the creation of other features, too. Amongst them includes single sign-on (SSO) and the ability to easily create and update users as learners gain traction in LearnUpon. Salesforce users and contacts can simply click on a learning tab, right within Salesforce, without ever needing to login to other applications or leave Salesforce in order to complete their training. The goal here is to create a seamless training environment.

“As learners access training materials, videos, exams and more, tracking and completion data is readily available to administrators directly within their Salesforce organization. Administrators will also benefit from having all of LearnUpon’s functionality readily available. LearnUpon’s portal management features make it even easier for Salesforce administrators to manage clients’ training needs, the licensing of courses and branding configurations”, says the company statement.

“We are delighted to announce the release of LearnUpon’s integration with Salesforce,” said Brendan Noud, CEO, LearnUpon. “With so many of LearnUpon’s customers using Salesforce as their CRM we see this integration as a great opportunity for them to assign training out to their sales staff, customers and partners directly from within Salesforce as well as giving them quick visibility on what training has been completed without ever needing to leave Salesforce and log into LearnUpon.”

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Clive Darra