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The IT training trends of 2015 and beyond

This past year has cemented some trends in the IT training which will for sure continue in the years to come and force a change in the industry. For example, mobile training (m-learning) has become more popular amongst companies and training providers.

Earlier this year m-learning became part of special courses of several vendors. While this type of training is still not mature enough to be a major way to train people, it is a great way to add extra engaging content and allow trainees with more flexible options to learn on the move which quite a few people prefer.

Speaking of flexible options, this is another trend in training. More and more vendors are providing options for their clients. Video lessons that are available on many devices on demand are also gaining ground. Another new trend is custom apps that feature built-in progress management, gamification and easier ways to pick new lessons and test your knowledge on them.

Micro-learning and other ways to simplify trainings are expected to continue to also be preferred training trends. They suit most workers better as they allow bite-sized pieces of new knowledge to be learned easier and to be applied to the daily work as soon as possible. This should also bring an increase in the actual use of the new skills and would limit the forgotten information which is often quite a lot after a training.

Does all of this mean that classic classroom trainings are on their way out? Not quite. Quite a lot of experts feel like they are the most effective way to train people and give them proper long-term knowledge. Furthermore people learn in different ways.  Some actually prefer video trainings, but others like classic classroom training and get more out of them. This is why classic classroom lessons will stay and will be augmented with these new trends and methods. Together they will provide a more complete training platform for any type of trainee.