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Top six apps for improving yourself

Self improvement is a big and complex topic. But it can be made simple with a few apps for training and learning that you can use on the go.

Why would you need such apps? Well, there are different reasons. In short, it is better to play a game while you travel on the bus for example that will actually help you develop and/or improve some skills that you can then apply in everyday life and in your work. The so-called brain training apps can be very fun for those of you who love puzzles and challenges.

There are also some specially focused apps on developing business skills, design skills and so on. In short, there are training apps for many different needs. Granted, you won’t become an expert in the given field thanks to them but you could learn some nifty tricks. So, here are some fun and useful training apps for self improvement.

Elevate (Android, iOS) is a freemium app which allows you to train various functions of your brain. For example memory, comprehension, focus and etc. You can also develop math skills, comparing values and more. The paid version gives you access to even more exercises.

Lumosity (Android, iOS) features techniques from the Human Cognition Project with gamification. You can choose to hone various skills with the trainings. For free users there are daily exercises and subscribes get even more options and features.

Peak (Android, iOS) combines brain science and gamification to give users a full-spectrum brain workout, focus, memory, problem solving and much more. There are several mini games and goals to chase both daily and in longer term. The app is free and it features paid extras.

Udemy (iOS, Android) helps you find thousands of various courses, articles and tips for various subjects. Some of the courses are paid, but you can find free as well. The app itself is free, too.

DesignJot is especially instructional designers, trainers, only available in an iOS version. You can use it to plan, build and design training courses as well.

ASTD Trainer’s Toolkit (Android and iOS) is for trainers and instructional designers. You can more easily create activities to keep your learners engaged and motivated. Free as standard, but the paid version provides you with more options.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Jon Fingas