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One in three developers fears AI will replace them

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly getting more advanced to the point it can replace some jobs. Now even developers fear for their work places.

According to a survey of 550 software developers, one in three fear AI will eventually replace them at their jobs. The survey is made by Evans Data Corp. This answer is given by the most people and it seems to be a growing concern.

At second place is the worry that the platform the developer is working on will become obsolete. This is a worry to 23% of respondents. Another 14% say their biggest worry is that the platform they are developing won’t catch on.

So, AI taking jobs is actually the biggest worry for most devs. A software that writes other software. Is that a viable thing? Absolutely. Oxford University experts also think that software engineers will eventually take a step back as machine learning advances.

“Big databases of code also offer the eventual prospect of algorithms that learn how to write programs to satisfy specifications provided by a human,” wrote the Oxford researchers, Michael Osborne, of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science, and Carl Benedikt Frey, an economics researcher at the university.

“Developers worrying that A.I. would be advanced enough to replace them is very similar to developers worrying that the technology trends have outpaced their own skills and abilities,” says Michael Rasalan, Evans’ director of research to ComputerWorld. Does this mean that people should be discouraged from becoming developers?

Not at all. First, it will be quite some time before AI is capable of writing code. Then, there’s the question of humans actually feeling like letting AI code advanced systems is a good thing. And also, a “human touch” will always be needed.

Rasalan adds that developers should keep on top with the latest dev practices and technologies and should be fine. There will always be a huge need for top level developers. So, places like the Coursedot IT training marketplace is where you can find the needed trainings to be on the top of your game. It doesn’t matter if you are a dev with years of background or a junior engineer just starting out. With thousands of courses at your fingertips, Coursedot is the place to be.

Also, keep in mind one other interesting tidbit from the survey. While 80% agree that robotics and AI will enhance life, close to 60% at least somewhat agree “that robotics and A.I. will or could be disasters in the making,” says Rasalan. “…there is a possibility that things could spiral out of control, and this uncertainty might spur the same developers to say that change could be, if not disastrous, then disruptive”, he adds. So, who knows, one day your skills might be needed to save the world, quite literally.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Gisela Giardino