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The top skills developers want to learn in 2016

The tech scene changes all the time. New trends form and bring new skill demands. Here are the top skills developers would want to learn in 2016.

The information comes from PluralSight and their 2016 Skills Report. It showcases the top tech and creative trends to drive your learning hiring programs.

Naturally, it doesn’t mean that developers want or need to learn all nine skills. They are separated in different categories, so not everything is needed to be on the top of your game in a given field.

Among the key technology trends the report points to Augmented reality, Security and Client-side frameworks. A main topic is security. It is a big debate right now with the whole Apple vs. FBI fight as well. But it doesn’t end there. Security now needs developers in many subtopics like mobile, Internet of things, cloud and many more. The tools needed for the job are Angular JS, ASP.NET and C#.

According to ISC2, the InfoSec field is expecting a gap of 1.5 million professionals by 2020. So now is the time to sharpen your skills for this field and land a great job. Mind you, this is a very dynamic sector and what is new and important now can quickly become obsolete. So you need to be on the top of your game all the time.

As for platforms, VMware, Cisco and PowerShell are pointed as the top three skills IT Ops want to learn in 2016. Again, the security of said platforms is a key focus point. It comes with a deep knowledge of the fine details and inner workings of the platforms. It is something you can learn with proper trainings which you can find in the CourseDot marketplace.

Among creative trends, Maya, ZBRush and Unity are the top tools which creatives and devs want. Virtual and Augmented reality and game development also ranks high on the list.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Daniel Cukier