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IT Instructor and CourseDot introduce the new Instructor Hub

The team behind IT Instructor and CourseDot is happy to introduce the all new Instructor Hub – the place where trainers can manage their bookings and payments easier.

The Instructor Hub aims to make finding new opportunities for bookings within the IT Instructor and CourseDot network much easier. At the same time it helps participating trainers with additional support when needed. The instructors can also get faster and more accurate feedback. The Instructor Hub also makes sure trainers receive their payments on time.

Currently, most bookings are made the old-fashioned way – sending email, making calls, etc. But this is not the most efficient way since most of the time trainers are busy and they can’t reply fast enough. This means opportunities are often missed. Trainers often don’t even learn about a course they could have been a perfect match for. Providers also suffer delays because of this. It can be easier.

The solution

The Instructor Hub simplifies the process. It features a board with all the available courses that need a trainer. You can browse them at anytime when it is convenient for you and apply with a single click! Then our team will take care of the rest and contact you when needed. Even better, you can create custom alerts so the Instructor Hub will automatically notify you when there is a new offer published that meets your preset criteria. It can be that easy!

Using the Instructor Hub is completely free and there are no strings attached. You can choose what information to fill in your profile and it is also a place where all of your documentation can be organized easily. NDAs, POs, Invoices, etc. All of the documents are sorted and kept just for you.

Within your profile you can also easily track your payments. All trainers, who have led a course which was booked via the Hub, have a guaranteed payment date 30 days after the invoice issue date. This will make your financial planning a little easier. Additional options with even shorter guaranteed payment periods will be added soon.

The Instructor Hub gives you the freedom of choosing among an ever-growing set of opportunities. You can access it from everywhere and our staff is always at your service for additional help. We work with hundreds of instructors from 73 countries and more than 200 training companies! Join the Instructor Hub today!