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44% of users say enterprise software is as worse as consumer software (Infographic)

A new report points the finger at enterprise software being as worse as consumer software. At least this is what 44% of the participants in the study said.

The report called “The evolution of enterprise software UX” by Tech Pro Research looks at the ways enterprise software is changing. “It could accurately be described as the glue which holds a business together”, the authors say.

But now, the view of users of enterprise software is changing. User experience starts to matter more and more. It’s no longer important only that the software is secure and does what is it supposed to do. Now it should also be easier to work with which proves to be a challenge for enterprise software makers, since they are not used to this new requirement.

73% of respondents for example feel they should have been involved in the design and deployment process in order to say what they need.  A total of 45% of respondents say a simple and clean layout is very important for enterprise software. 40% say the easy access of relevant information is very important. Another 39% put having the same controls across multiple functions as a priority.

What are the top frustrations? Users point to the lack of intuitiveness in the applications, their complexity and clunky and slow interface. Interestingly enough, they also say that often they do not get enough training and/or support for the software.

It is a classic example of things that can be done better. Improving enterprise software UX and ensuring proper training for the employees that are using it, can make all the difference.

44% of users say enterprise software is as worse as consumer software (Infographic)