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GP Strategies shares 25 tips on learning

Learning and training is very important for companies which want top talent. Achieving good results can be a challenge, so GP Strategies has some tips.

The company is celebrating its 50 years of learning with 50 tips on learning. It releases one tip every week and so far about 25 have already been published.

Each week, they share new learning insight to help organizations perform at their best and achieve extraordinary results. They use the hashtag #50Learning for easy search. Six months in, the company has shared over 25 tips, some tried and true, others new and innovative.

Top tips for top learning

Here are some of the most interesting and cool tips:

  • Implement mini-games to increase retention: Replace standard assessments with game-based assessments.
  • Build upon experience: Analyze current data and future needs before starting a new system roll-out.
  • Enable SMEs: Equip your internal experts to successfully train others.
  • Differentiate myth from reality: Redefine your expectations for agile training development.
  • Embrace new ways of working: Ready your workforce to accept, adopt, and perform new ways of working.
  • Use visual learning as an innovative solution to teach a challenging project.
  • Don’t let quotas trump trust: Develop empathy alongside sales skills.
  • Create an artificial crisis to help hone workforce skills.
  • Focus on the desired outcome: Keep learners engaged with a blended learning approach
  • Invest in your people: In the age of digital transformation, focus on the most important variable.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / David Rosen