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The UK introduces a new strategy for technical education

The UK government has announced a new strategy which aims to improve the country’s technical education. It will introduce new courses and focus on skills.

Current education plans have a lot of issues. Critics have long claimed traditional education is not efficient and it doesn’t produce workers with skills which are needed by today’s businesses.

The UK government has developed a so-called Skills Plan. It should fix the “outdated” elements in the current educational system. The plan is based on an independent report into technical education chaired by Lord Sainsbury, ComputerWeekly reports.

The Skills Plan for the technical future

The Skills Plan proposes the introduction of 20 000 new courses which are to be provided by 160 organizations. The courses will also provide 15 routes into the industry. What’s more, employers will develop the content for these career paths. This will ensure students get access to the most up-to-date and accurate content which will be relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.

The 20 000 new courses sounds a bit daunting. How is a student going to choose which courses to sign up for? The courses will focus on the development of specific skills. And they will also be funneled in the various routes. On top of this, employers will also provide guidance and advise. Hence, it should be much easier to pick the right courses.

“Britain has all the ingredients needed to compete with other skilled nations, but we must create a technical education system that can harness that talent”, Skills minister Nick Boles said. The Skills Plan’s proposed routes into technical careers will be available from 2019 for students who have finished their GCSEs, and will be provided through a combination of time at college and work placements or apprenticeships.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Teaching and Learning with Technology