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Six reasons why you should learn to code (even if you work in a different field)

Being able to code is important. Just like a few years ago being able to use a computer became a job necessity, the same is now happening with basic coding.

Slowly, but surely, it is becoming more and more important for people to know how to code. We are not talking about becoming a master coder here. But you should know the basic HTML5 tags for example.

One reason why you would want that is to be better at your job. You will be able to do more with less effort. For example you have to publish something on the company blog. Despite most blogs now having easy content management systems, sometimes issues happen and you need to troubleshoot them. Or you simply want to make that one article a bit more special. Knowing the basics in HTML and/or php could be very helpful in such situations.

Being able to code is no longer reserved for computer engineers. Data analysts can also benefit from knowing their way around a programming language. It can help them create small tools which will help them with their jobs.

Artists and designers are also turning to coding for various projects. Being able to code is no longer geeky. Accountants can create tools which help them automate some of the process, too.

Coding pays better and it is cool

Another reason is that coding skills help find a better job. According to a report from Burning Glass, half of the jobs in the top income quartile (above $57 000 for the US), require coding skills. What’s more, jobs with coding skills pay on average $22 000 a year (US) more than jobs that don’t. The average yearly salary for coding jobs in the US is $84 000 vs. $62 000 for so-called career track jobs. This means jobs that provide career opportunities to climb the ladder. They are defined by wages of $15 per hour minimum.

Third, coding skills are in very high demand. The report says that in 2015 there were seven million job openings in the US which needed some level of coding skills. This is 20% of all career track jobs.

Need more convincing? Coding jobs opportunities are growing 50% faster than the job market overall.

Also, being able to code, gives you a competitive edge. As more and more elements in day to day work are digitized, this becomes a challenge for some employees. You’ve hear people say “I don’t understand computers”, right? Well, they need to start understanding them quick or risk losing their job. If you know basic coding you have a huge competitive edge to those people.

And one bonus reason: learning to code will help with your logical and cognitive skills quite a lot. They can be very beneficial not only for your job, but your whole life.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Michael Himbeault