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Here are some of the hottest network jobs for 2017

The network is coming back at the front in the IT Industry. Companies realize how important it is for the future and… how neglected it has been until now.

With the rise of mobile web usage, the Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent services, the companies are turning back to the network. Most of the infrastructure is in place, but it’s either old or it can’t handle the increased traffic.

The security of the network is also increasingly important. Soon data from self-driving cars will widely travel across the network and you don’t want anyone snooping that or your medical information which travels from your phone to the cloud and to your doctor’s laptop.

The infrastructure also needs improvement. A lot of companies also start building their networks and need qualified people to do so. In short, every possible niche in the networking segment needs skilled worker. This number will grow in the coming years.

The Network is king

This means the network will compete for workers with other IT segments. One of the ways it will do so is by raising average salaries. According to the annual report of recruiting and staffing specialist Robert Half Technology, the average salary in the US alone for IT specialists will increase by 3.8%. This means it will outpace the overall job market by a little. Its forecast is to net a 3.6% rise of average salaries.

“To compete, employers find they must be prepared to extend generous offers with above-market pay and other compelling incentives. Like signing bonuses and work-from-home options. Retention tactics to keep talented team members on board are also top of mind. They will push managers to emphasize career pathing, provide opportunities to innovate and pay special attention to work volume in order to avoid employee burnout”, Robert Half Technology states in its 2017 Salary Guide.

Pretty much the stuff we’ve been talking about for a while. Now it slowly starts to come into reality as it was inevitable.

The firm also studied 75 tech positions for the report. It showed that some of the biggest increases will be for networking jobs. Among them are Network architect, Network security engineer, Wireless network engineer. The business also needs Network administrators, Telecommunication specialists, pre-sales engineers and many more.

The report also points out several skills that you need to attain if you want a high-paying networking job. Cisco network administration skills can expect to see an additional 7% bump in salary, ComputerWorld reports. Those with Linux/UNIX administration skills can also get a 7% jump. VoIP administration skills will net you a 5% salary increase. Finally, skills in Windows 10 will boost salaries by another 4%.