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12 IT jobs which give plenty of free time

What is that? IT jobs and free time? Those usually are not things go well together. But there are jobs in IT which can give you enough time for family.

The recruiting site Glassdoor has published a new report which showcases the 29 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance. And most of them are not IT jobs. Unsurprisingly, the number 1 job in the survey is the corporate recruiter.

But there are still quite a few IT-related jobs in the list, too. Actually, the number 2 overall is the UX designer. It has a median salary of $95 000 per year in the US. The UI designer comes in at number 5 and with a salary of $84 500 per year in the US.

The work-life balance

The average work-life balance rating on Glassdoor is currently 3.2, which has held steady over the past four years. Still, it has been in decline over the long-term. In 2009, the average work-life balance rating was 3.5. This means that people are slowly giving up more of their time to their jobs. And that’s despite all of the talk about giving workers more free time.

Still, it’s not all bad. Glassdoor says it’s up to the workers. Most simply accept the jobs without giving much thought to what will be expected from them. Glassdoor recommends workers to research these things before accepting new positions. Ask about the usual hours, is remote work possible or not and so on.

You can also talk to your current managers and see what are the options to improve your work-life balance. There can be some middle ground which will provide for some extra free time without this having a negative impact on your work. Also, there are some companies which actually put a meaningful work-life balance as a core value.

So, with that said, which are the current IT jobs which have a good work-life rating? Let’s remember that the average is 3.2. Finally, here’s the list:

  • UX Designer – 4.1 rating
  • Data Scientist – 4.0 rating
  • UI Designer – 4.0 rating
  • Technical Account Manager – 4.0 rating
  • Mobile Developer – 4.0 rating
  • Research Engineer – 3.9 rating
  • Social Media Manager – 3.8 rating
  • PHP Developer – 3.8 rating
  • Web Designer – 3.8 rating
  • Technical Editor – 3.8 rating
  • Data Analyst – 3.8 rating
  • Computer Programmer – 3.7 rating

Of course, some of these jobs will take up quite a lot of time. It all depends on the company and the current projects. Still, there’s options out there and you don’t have to be in front of the computer all the time.