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The 6 IT jobs which will grow the most in 2017

Thinking about changing jobs? Well, take a look at the IT sector as there are always plenty of great opportunities. Especially for a few specific jobs.

Job-hunting site CareerCast did its own set of predictions which IT jobs will grow the most in 2017. It looked at how many positions are there. Also noted how much the salaries have changed and it has added an index on how important are they to the companies.

The result is a list of six IT jobs which will grow the most in demand for 2017 and likely beyond. So, you might want you give them a look and see if it’s something you would want to do. And, if you are already in the field, great. But be sure to build up your skills and certifications as more jobs means more competition for them, too. If you want to stay ahead and land even better jobs, you will have to continue to improve.

Also, the same goes for team leaders. If you want your company to attract good and skilled workers, you have to provide them with the opportunities to grow and learn more.

So, here are the IT jobs which will grow the most.
  • Network and computer systems administrator. It’s expected that job openings will grow by 8% through 2024.
  • Data Scientists. Companies and governments need a lot of data scientists. So, their salaries are rising, as are opportunities. There will be a 16% rise in jobs for data scientists through 2024.
  • Software Engineers. There will be a 17% growth for the same period. Even normal companies realize now they need software engineers in their teams.
  • Information Security Analysts. Someone has to project all of these new technologies and data. And the industry will need 18% more of them.
  • Computer Systems Analysts. These are the people who will troubleshoot problems and come up with various solutions. Growth for this job is expected to reach 21% by 2024.
  • Finally, it’s the web developers. It’s not among the highest paid jobs in the industry. But that might change. Why? Because the industry will need 27% more web developers and it’s going to be a big fight to get to the best workers.

So, these are the jobs that will probably have a big growth in the next few years. Did you see one that you like? Or maybe you will need such workers in your team? So, now is the time to make a forecast what you will need and start getting ready for it.