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3 challenges tech HR leaders face and the solutions for them

Technology changes at a rapid pace and this bring some specific challenges to HR leaders. Especially for the ones in tech companies where things are even more dynamic.

Tech companies are known for their ambitious goals and look for the future. But even so, some of them are quite resilient to changes within. Often this is one of the main challenges for HRs. Employees may feel threatened by new technologies and may think their jobs are at risk thanks to new systems and platforms.

Challenge one: The times are changing

The first thing you must do is assure employees the company values them and sees them as a meaningful and integral part of its future. Then you have to let the employees see the new tech as an aid to their work, not a challenger. Build upon that.

A way to show them how important they are is by organizing trainings for them. What company would invest in its team if it’s planning to let them go? No one. Providing training to the employees can make them feel needed and valued. Plus, they get to hone their skills and become even better at their work. Many companies do that, but they simply have a training budget at that’s that.

Instead, you should identify the core areas where the company is heading and additional training is needed. You may need outside help for this. For example, our team at CourseDot can help you out with this and can create the entire training schedule, complete with the exact courses needed. Our experts can also help you find the best possible deals to get the max out of your training budget.

Challenge two: Information overload

Another challenge is to sift through all of the data. As tech develops and becomes more involved in day-to-day tasks, you may get way too much data about performance, goals, KPIs and so on. Big Data analytics can actually help you get the most out of such information.

You can identify emerging trends and you can even use it to identify employees who would benefit from additional training. Big Data analytics can also help with highlighting teams which are or could struggle soon and help them out just in time. It’s no wonder why Data Scientists are among the most sought after workers right now.

Challenge three: Not enough people

Finally, the workforce shortage. It’s pretty much the biggest problem for most tech companies. Sadly, it will continue to be an issue for quite some time. It’s no wonder why quite a few companies have started to basically develop their own talent. This is again where trainings come in. They become essential to keep your current team on form with the latest trends, but also to help bring in new workers up to speed with the technologies you use. Keeping your teams’ skills fresh is pretty much the best way you can set the company on the road to success.

Also, this one is a great argument to use for solving the first challenge. If some workers are worried about their future, just tell them how many more employees you need in the future. And add how much the current team and their skills are also important. It’s a team effort, that’s why it’s called a “company” and not a “single”.