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The top 10 hardest to find tech skills

The entire IT Industry suffers from a severe shortage of skills. But the problem is even bigger in some areas. Here the most difficult to find tech skills.

The popular analytics and research firm Burning Glass has done a big survey to find out exactly which tech skills are most difficult to find. The company has looked at more than 40 000 job postings from August 2015 to September 2016.

It has then ranked them by the number of days it took to fill the roles. This shows with which jobs employers face the biggest difficulties finding the right people for them. On average, one job opening takes about 45 days to be filled.

Positions in IT Management usually take even longer with more than 60 days on average. But we are focusing on the employees.

The most hard to find tech skills

So, here are the hard to find tech skills. These are the jobs companies struggle to fill. So, if you have such people in you team already, make sure they will stay with you.

The most difficult to find tech skill is Cloud Security. On average it takes 96 days for such a position to be filled.

Jboss Application Server comes in second. It takes 77 days. Third – Metadata Design with 73 days.

Also on the list are:

  • Integration Architecture – 70 days
  • Distributed Computing – 69 days
  • Information Architecture – 68 days
  • Apache Kafka – 66 days
  • Web Services Security – 63 days
  • Salesforce Integration – 62 days
  • Cloud Computing – 62 days

If you also need people with such skills, be prepared to wait. Or, ask the people in your IT team if someone has interest in honing these skills. Sometimes you might find the perfect person for a job in your own company, currently working something they don’t really like. So in the end you might both benefit from a change in departments.