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The tech skills which will require a salary boost

When looking to expand your IT team, usually one thing is the main problem – not enough qualified candidates. Especially if you seek some specific skills.

PayScale has used a methodology which is similar to the PayScale Index to find out the tech skilss which pay best. The survey covers the entire first half 0f 2016. It shows the average pay for the example role a given tech skill could fill.

Basically, if you need these skills in your IT team, you would probably have to think about boosting the salary you offer. And if you’re an IT pro who already has these skills, it’s a way to check if you are getting what the rest are.

You need those skills? Our team at CourseDot can help you find the best trainings in order to master them.

Here are the highest paying tech skills
  • Scala –  this is a scalable general-purpose programming language. It nets a 29.3% boost in salaries to $111 000 per year in the US.
  • React.js – an open source JavaScript library for user interfaces. 24.5% boost to $111 000 per year in the US.
  • Algorithm development – 23.5% boost to $136 000 per year in the US.
  • Django – it’s unchaining with 20.1% boost to $111 000 per year.. you guessed it, in the US.
  • Amazon Web Services (the more tools you know, the better) – 19.3% raise to $94 200, per year, you know where.
  • Apache Hive – 17.3% jump to $111 000.
  • Ruby on Rails – 17.2% boost to $69 800.
  • Development Operations (DevOps) – 15.6% jump to $94 200.
  • iOS – 15.3% raise to… can you guess? That’s right, $111 000 per year.
  • Database skills – 15.2% jump to $69 800.