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Here are the hottest tech skills for 2017

IT is an integral part of more and more companies. HRs seek quite a wide array of skills for their IT teams. Here are which skills will be the hottest for 2017.

Most companies plan to hire at least a few more people for their IT teams. Some firms actually need quite a lot of skilled workers, but have difficulties finding them.

We talk often about the lack of qualified IT pros. The challenge becomes even more difficult when most companies look for similar skills. We’ve already explored the top skills for 2016. We’ve also taken a look at the hardest to find tech skills.

Now it’s time to see the hottest skills for 2017. The data comes from Computerworld’s Forecast 2017. This is a survey of 196 IT pros. According to the US government between 500 000 to 1 million jobs go unfilled every year. Some analysts though think the actual number is close to 2 million per year.

So, here are the results. If you already have these skills, then next year might be a good time to look for a better job. If you are a team leader or an HR, then these are the jobs that probably will be even harder to fill.

The hottest tech skills for 2017

The chart show how many of the respondents plan to seek and hire people with the given skill over the next year.

  • Programming / Application development shares the top spot with 35%
  • Help desk / Tech support also gets 35%
  • Security / Compliance / Governance comes in third with 26%
  • Cloud / SaaS skills also get 26%
  • Business intelligence / Analytics also scores 26%
  • Web development gets 26% as well
  • Database administration scores 25%
  • Project management also nets 25% interest
  • Big Data comes in next with 25%
  • Mobile applications and Device management closes with 21%

The respondents also share which skills they expect to be the most difficult to hire.

  • Security takes the cake with 25%
  • Programming / Application development specialists comes in second with 16%
  • Business intelligence / Analytics is third with 14%
  • Help desk / Technical support is next with 7%
  • Project management closes the chart with 5%