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The hybrid cloud and SaaS are among the top IT priorities for 2017

The new year is almost here and companies are getting ready for the challenges. Let’s find out what are going to be the top IT priorities for 2017.

These are more than just forecasts. The data comes from the 2017 Computer Weekly/Tech Target IT Priorities survey. It shows that companies are putting the hybrid cloud among their top IT priorities.

The survey covers more than 1000 European IT managers. A total of 27.8% expect their IT budget to remain the same. 38.1% say their budgets will probably rise. The main reason – the cloud.

Companies see the hybrid cloud as a good way to explore the off-premise resources and the benefits of the cloud. At the same time they retain heir on-site access which gives them a feeling of being more secure and not relying entirely on someone else’s datacenters.

The hybrid cloud is also a great way for enterprises to start exploring more of the cloud and not missing out on cost savings and agility. It’s a first step into the full cloud experience.

Gartner expects that in 2017 more enterprises will look to manage public, private and hybrid cloud resources from multiple providers as part of their digital transformation. Big names like Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services have already set their hybrid cloud strategies in motion.

SaaS goes up, Server virtualization goes down

Top management also expects to spend more on the cloud in 2017. But that’s not the only IT priority. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) nets a healthy 57% for application deployment for 2017 in the UK. The European managers also rate it as a high priority with 46.9%.

On the contrast, last year server virtualization was among the predictions for being a big priority. Gartner expects this to no longer be the case in 2017. It’s still an important part of the market, but it’s reaching saturation, says Gartner. Overall there will be a slight decline in spending for on-premises server virtualization.

Of course, more cloud means a need for more skilled workers. The same goes for SaaS. This goes somewhat in line with the expected hottest IT skills for 2017. You know what this means. You will need even more skilled workers. Also, you’d want to improve our current team, too. CourseDot can help you make it happen quick, easy and most importantly, with top quality.