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The IT skills employers will need in 2017

The IT industry is ever-changing, but one thing is constant – the hunger for new talent. Some roles have around 1% unemployment and are in need of people.

Recent surveys from Robert Half Technology and the 2017 IT Forecast from TEKsystems give an interesting glimpse of what we can expect this year. CIOs will have one of two major tasks in 2017. They will either work on expanding their teams (if they are lucky). Or, they will work on filling the vacant roles which hinder their growth.

The good news for everyone? The confidence is high and the IT budgets are growing. This means CIOs and HRs will have more to work with when attracting new talent to join their organizations. Here are the

top IT skills which most companies will need

If your needs fall into some of these skills, you better get prepared for an even tougher battle in order to win the talent over.

  1. Full-stack software developers incl. knowledge of DevOps, design, QA, DBA, analytics.
  2. Project managers. Especially if they have specific experience in their field.
  3. Cybersecurity. It’s one of the top priorities in so many organizations right now. And if it’s not, it should be.
  4. Network administrators and network engineers. The network is as important as ever if not more.
  5. Cloud engineers. Both architects and infrastructure pros will have the most offers.
  6. Big data. It comes with the cloud and people who can develop solutions to take the most out of it, will have a bright future.
  7. DevOps. Nothing much more to say. They have always been important and always will be.
  8. QA testers. They are becoming more important as more companies do more with their apps.
  9. UI/UX designers and developers. As with the QA testers, organizations do more with their apps and thus they need even better digital services.
  10. Machine learning and AI. This is a bit futuristic for most people, but it’s something that starts to play an important role in online services.