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Here are the best tech jobs in the US

As with any industry, the IT Industry has some jobs that are more preferred than others. Glassdoor is ready with the list of the best tech jobs in the US.

Actually, Glassdoor makes a list of all the best jobs. This year they are 50 – twice as many as 2016. And, as last year, tech jobs dominate the list. In short, at the moment most of the best jobs are in the tech industry.

The Glassdoor Best Jobs in America Index features a 5-point scale to measure each job. 5.0 is the top possible score which means this job is awesome. 1.0 is the lowest possible score and goes for the worst jobs.

The index only features jobs which have received at least 100 salary reports and at least 100 job satisfaction ratings shared by US- based employees. All of this covers the time frame from January 2nd, 2016 to January 1st, 2017.

So, here are the best tech jobs in the US:
  1. Data Scientist. This one tops the entire Glassdoor index and it is the best job of them all. It gets a score of 4.8 with a job satisfaction rating of 4.4. The median base salary is: $110 000.
  2. DevOps Engineer is second in the Index, too. It has a score of 4.7, rating of 4.2 and a median base salary of $110 000.
  3. Data Engineer. Score: 4.7; Rating: 4.3; Salary: $106 000.
  4. Analytics Manager. Score: 4.6; Rating: 4.1; Salary: $112 000.
  5. Database Administrator. Score: 4.5; Rating: 3.8 and a base salary of: $93 000.
  6. UX Designer. Score: 4.4; Rating: 4.0; Salary: $92 500.
  7. Solutions Architect. Score: 4.4; Rating: 3.7; Salary: $125 000.
  8. Software Engineer. Score: 4.3; Rating: 3.5; Salary: $101 000.
  9. QA Manager. Score: 4.3; Rating: 3.7; Salary: $92 000.
  10. Mobile Developer. Score: 4.3; Rating: 3.7; Salary: $85 000.
  11. Systems Administrator. Score: 4.2; Rating: 3.7; Salary: $68 000.
  12. Hardware Engineer. Score: 4.2; Rating: 3.9; Salary: $108 000.
  13. Information Security Manager. Score: 4.1; Rating: 3.7; Salary: $100 000.
  14. UI Designer. Score: 4.1; Rating: 4.0; Salary: $80 000.

Those are all tech jobs in the Index. What’s more, generally tech jobs score higher on satisfaction and base salary, too. So, if you have the opportunity to drive your career into IT and these jobs are appealing to you, you have the potential for a great living.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) tec_estromberg