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The most important thing to ensure before a training – the mindset

A lot of companies are holding trainings for their employees, which is great. But then comes another challenge – how to ensure they get the most out of it.

After all, the main goal of a training is to improve the skills. It wouldn’t do much good if the employees don’t really care, or worse – don’t see the point in it all. So, there’s one thing you must ensure before you set up a training for your team – the mindset.

The people participating in the training must be in the right mindset for that. And goes beyond simply having them feel good about it.  It’s about changing their whole perception of how learning goes. Getting a college degree is no longer the end of your learning journey. In today’s fast changing world, there’s new information and new skills popping up all the time. Schools and colleges give a good base, but they certainly don’t give the complete package.

And while pretty much everyone knows this, most still think that when they graduate, school is out forever for them. And that’s where you fall behind. As a result, every person should change their mindset and accept that lifelong learning is a thing and it’s here to stay.

The good news is you shouldn’t have many difficulties achieving this for your IT teams. Most IT pros actually value adding new skills quite a lot. So, they should easily get intrigued by the idea as long as they can see the value.

How can you change the mindset of your employees? Usually it’s a personal thing as everyone respond differently to the idea of having to learn new stuff more and more. There are some common things though.

The most important thing is not to show the trainings as a threat. A training should be something that employees receive as a way to become even better and improve their skills. It shouldn’t be something they have to do to improve their performance or to be simply better. There’s a subtle difference: the former gives them additional value, while the latter implies they are bad at their job. As you can imagine, this can be quite demotivating for most.

These corporate trainings aren’t school. Employees shouldn’t feel like going back to school because they’ve been bad. Instead, these trainings give additional skills and value to people who already know what they are doing and need just some extra help to improve their flow for their benefit. It’s a bit like selling a product to a customer. You don’t tell them they suck so they have to buy the product to be cool. You tell them the product brings them value and helps them solve problems. In the case with trainings – they help them learn new skills which they can use in their daily work to achieve even more.

Showing these benefits of a training is a better way to motivate the employees who will be undertaking them. It will help foster the learning “hunger” in them. Show them how these new skills will help them even before the training. Then it’s simply a matter of finding out which type of training will be most suitable and setting it up. And this is where CourseDot can help you out with our team of professionals helping you pick the suitable format and a vast database of courses a mouse click away.