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The most in-demand skills for cloud computing jobs

Cloud computing is here to stay. And with more and more companies adopting the cloud, skilled IT pros are vital. But you must know what skills you need.

“The demand for people way outweighs the supply,” says David Linthicum, the SVP of Cloud Technology Partners, to BusisnessInsider. “It’s very similar to when the internet exploded in the late nineties. We’re seeing the same patterns in the cloud.”

So, what does this mean for tech pros? If you want a career change or a career boost, you can look at the cloud for more options. Businesses on the other hands are investing on trainings and recruiting the right people.

At the current pace, it’s predicted that the cloud craze will last for about three more years. Then the market will be saturated with plenty of workers. So, if you want to get the good spots, you have to reskill and refocus quickly. As a part of this, you have to know which are the top cloud computing skills.

Here are the top platforms and certifications:

Amazon Web Services (AWS). This platform is used in a vast array of business from IT companies to banks, retailers. It’s well spread in big enterprises which comes with big responsibilities and big salaries.

Internet of Things (IoT). Not as big as AWS (for now), but with great potential to become something huge. These will come in unusual forms like city management, medical, automobiles, wearables and much more. And someone will have to make sure all of these huge amounts of data have a workable and efficient cloud. There’s a potential for really big salaries and really big goals.

Lambda, Azure and other serverless computing and containers. Currently such tech is used by big names like Netflix, eBay and etc. This is a highly focused and specific job which makes it more difficult and not as attractive. Hence, it can net a very high salary, especially for serverless devs.