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Companies in the Benelux region are going in the right direction for their trainings

Companies in the Benelux region are heading the right way when it comes to providing trainings for their employees. Still, more work is needed in several areas.

The data comes from Computer Weekly’s annual salary survey. It shows that companies in the region are generally accustomed to trainings. A total of 66% of the Benelux IT professionals say they have received formal training from their employer. In 80% of the cases, the training was provided whenever it was necessary. In the remaining 20%, trainings are provided on a regular basis.

This results in a mostly pleased IT workforce. 53% say they believe they get enough training from their employer. Still, there’s more that has to be done. A total of 39% say they feel they don’t get enough trainings in order to progress in their careers.

The basics of a happy IT team

The survey says that employers need to continue provide career enhancing trainings, pay raises and experience in order to ensure better retention rates in their IT workforces. Otherwise they will face the risk of creating a revolving door in their IT departments. A total of 10% of respondents say they are actively looking for new jobs. Only 30% say they are happy where they are and want to stay and 7% would like a new role in the same company.

Where companies seem to do a good job is pay raises, but still more balance is needed. 39% of IT pros say they have received a pay raise last year. 30% say they have had no change and 4% had a salary reduce. 35% expect a raise next year, while 44% expect no change. And 4.6% expect a decrease.

As all other regions, there’s too little women in IT in Benelux companies, as well, the survey shows. 14% say there are no women at all in their IT teams. Less than 6% of respondents say women make up 40% or more of their IT team. So, this is another thing companies should increase their attention on. Along with providing necessary and regular trainings and pay increases, companies can ensure a highly motivated, diverse and competent IT team in their structure.