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A third of UK IT workers say they need more training to progress in their careers

By this time it should come to no surprise that IT workers actually value trainings and want them. So much, that a lot of them think they need more and more.

Computer Weekly’s annual survey for the UK shows a startling proof of this. 32.7% of IT employees in the UK and Ireland say they think they need more trainings in order to progress in their careers.

A total of 56.7% of respondents say they are receiving either formal trainings form their employer or funding to choose additional trainings. Sadly, only 15.8% say the trainings are regular. The rest say they receive trainings when deemed “needed”.

Often companies decide on additional trainings when they add a new service or product. In 32.4% of the cases, respondents say they don’t receive certifications once the training is completed.

As for platforms, ITIL, AWS, CCNA, Prince2 and SAP are the most popular areas for training.

46.9% of IT pros say they aren’t worried about not receiving formal trainings. The rest, which are the majority, though, say they feel not receiving trainings is an issue for their career.

Does the lack of training make IT employees more afraid to look for new opportunities? 19.6% of IT employees say they have been with their current employer for more than 15 years. Only 15% say they are actively looking for new opportunities. 43.4% say they are happy where they are, but they would consider a good offer. Only 3.6% would like a new role in the same company.

A little over 22% say they are receiving mentoring or coaching at their organization, as well. This is another option to keep workers motivated and to help retain talent. Still, the survey shows that IT employees in the UK and Ireland continue to value trainings a lot and they are a good way to keep them happy and motivated within their organization.