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The 15 most popular programming languages (and books for them)

Recently, GitHub posted the 15 most popular programming languages among their users. The company has more than 24 million users from 200 countries and covers 337 different programming languages, so this top 15 list provides a clear picture of the current state of the software industry and reveals some possible trends for 2018.

We’ve matched each programming language with a best-selling ebook from our Coursedot library to give you a head start with the ones you haven’t mastered yet.

The 15 top programming languages on GitHub


Like any other language, programming with Objective-C has its own specifics. One of them is proper memory management. This ebook has you covered on the essentials for this particular challenge.


Scala is quite cool for quite a few things. But it can also be a bit complex. So, if you want to dive a bit deeper into the Scala pool, this is the book for you. Scala is also used for AI development, machine learning, and other future-shaping stuff. We have a book for that, too.


Swift is gathering steam thanks to the popularity of iOS and macOS. It’s also still quite unknown for most software developers. This book can help them enhance their coding and make a Swift shift to the next level.

Shell scripts

Not quite a programming language by itself, but still quite useful in basically every operating system. It’s especially popular under Linux. This ebook covers the shell scripting essentials for Linux.


Created by Microsoft in 2012, TypeScript has enjoyed quite the rise over the past 5 years. It’s a good skill to have for sure. So, here is the Learning TypeScript ebook for you. Afterwards, you can go to the next level and master TypeScript.


C is the classic in programming. It’s been around since the 1970s and it’s still useful, so that’s saying something. If you want to explore C even more, then why not check out C Programming for Arduino. You can learn a lot while making and creating cool small projects.


Created by Google for Google, Go expanded into the world of developers who wanted some of that goodness. If you’re already quite good with Go and want to hone your skills and explore the next level, check out this ebook.


Another creation by Microsoft, intended to rival Java. In the end, both exist together today and are quite useful. C# is quite popular in the business software world. It’s also a programming language that has quite a few bells and whistles when it comes to multithreaded and parallel programming. This ebook has more on the topic.


CSS is a vital skill if you want to make modern and crisp websites and web-apps. If you already have a solid knowledge of CSS and want to open up to the next generation of web projects, check this book. Also, take a look at this one when it’s time to make responsive web designs.


And now we go back in time once again. C++ has been around since 1983 and it has a vast presence in software and infrastructure to this day. If you want to use C++ and Code::Blocks for your apps across multiple platforms, then this book can help you out.


PHP has become a pillar of the web for quite some time. And that’s despite the hate that many developers still have for it. But since it’s not going anywhere for the time being, why not expand it in some new ways and make apps, for example.


Ruby is the opposite of PHP. Many devs like it because it’s so easy. And it also allows you to make cool web apps. If you want to learn many additional tricks, this book has a lot of info and small projects you can do. Cloning made fun.


Where would we be without Java? Well, Android would be a lot different, that’s for sure. Knowing how to make robust and maintainable Java applications is vital in today’s world. This eBook will help you out to achieve this goal.


Python is another veteran in the programming world. It’s widely loved for the readable code and many developers feel it’s the easiest programming language to start with. It doesn’t mean you can’t do quite complex stuff with it, though. You can learn how to develop and program games with it thanks to this eBook.


JavaScript has been the most popular programming language for quite some time now. It’s especially popular for mobile apps. But don’t also neglect the security as it’s a vital part of any project. This book will help you out in that regard.

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