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7 great courses to help you analyze data with ease

It’s the age of data and that’s a problem for quite a lot of employees everywhere. Most say they don’t know how to properly analyze data at their workplace.

A new study by Qlik shows that only 17% of European workers say they know how to read and analyze data properly. This is a major problem.

For starters, data is pretty much everywhere. Knowing how to interpret it is vital for the overall performance and improvement of a business. If you don’t know how to read and analyze data, you risk not only the growth of your business by making wrong assumptions and decisions.

Data literacy is key in today’s age. Of the 17% of European workers who say they know how to work with data, 76% say they are performing well at work. Only 49% of the rest of the employees think they do well.

The picture is not prettier higher up the ladder. 79% of senior executives say they have access to all the data they need for their role, but only 24% say they know how to use it properly.

Interestingly enough, younger Europeans have more problems with data. 58% of people aged between 16 and 24 say they struggle with data.

Europeans are in agreement for something else though – they want data skills. 65% say they would invest time in improving their data skills if they have the opportunity. 70% say better data skills will make them more highly regarded at work. Sadly, 43% say they don’t have adequate training for data skills. Only 23% say everyone at their workplace has the proper data skills.

So, it’s quite obvious. Employees know the value of proper data skills and want such abilities. Of course, then comes the question of what data skills you actually need. This depends on the type of business, job role, type of data, platforms and etc.

With that in mind, we’ve selected a few courses that will help most people in gaining the basic data analyzing skills. We’ve chosen a few of the most popular platforms and a few more specific ones.

Here are 7 great data analyzing courses

Analyzing Data with Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular tools for data in all types of businesses all over the world. While most people do know how to make self-calculating tables in Excel, the application is quite more powerful when you know your way around it. This course will help you learn the best ways to analyze data with Excel in various ways. It’s quite comprehensive and includes a lot of options in 8 separate modules.

Data Analysis Fundamentals using Excel

If all of that is too much, there are other alternatives. This course, for example, covers the fundamentals, including filtering, formatting, pivot charts and etc. The course will also help you learn how to create a dashboard data analysis.

Data Science Certification Training – R Programming

If you want to have a data scientist in your team or want to become one, then this is a good place to start. This course focuses on various data analytics which can be done with R. It also comes with real-life projects, case studies and R CloudLabs for practice.

Cisco Big Data Analytics, Architecture and Management

Big Data sounds scary, but it’s quite manageable when you get the hang of it. This course focuses on several fundamentals like an introduction to Hadoop, Spark, use cases for Big Data and more. It’s also a good way to get to know the Big Data ecosystem, streaming analytics including in real time and etc.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics

If you’re looking to dig deeper into Big Data and Data Science, check this course. It features quite a few topics. Among them are model planning and model building, an introduction to R, text analysis, advanced analytics including technologies and tools. The course is comprehensive and ideal for data scientists.

Analyzing Data with PowerBI

This course will help you get close to PowerBI. It starts with an introduction to PowerBI and then goes into lessons for data imports, optimizing data models, calculations and etc. The course also focuses on visualizing data with PowerBI, configuring a dashboard, creating reports. It also has a module for working with PowerBI and Excel, cloud data and more.

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification Training

Hadoop and Spark are vital for Big Data processing. This course will provide an in-depth knowledge of using both. It features case studies and real-life projects to help students get the most out of the information.

Need more or other courses? Check out our Coursedot marketplace for thousands of IT training courses and ebooks on all things tech. And you can always drop us an email or use the request form over in the marketplace if you can’t find the course you need or have a custom request. We will be happy to help.