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The IT courses with guaranteed dates for April 2018

Scheduling IT training courses can be quite tricky. Often dates can be moved around for various reasons. But there’s a special category of courses – guaranteed dates. They are going to run at the announced dates.

This is why we are starting a new feature. We are going to take a look at each month’s IT training courses with guaranteed dates. All of these courses are available on the Coursedot IT training marketplace. Of course, they come along with thousands of other trainings, workshops and eBooks.

But now, it’s time to check out the

Guaranteed to run IT trainings courses for April 2018

This month we have a total of 9 IT training courses which are with guaranteed to run dates. Some courses are in-class at specific cities, others are online. Of course, you can see their full schedules and details on their dedicated pages.

As always, our team is available to help you with any additional questions.

Here are the courses:

ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration and Data Protection

This is a detailed training which covers a big amount of information for ONTAP administrators. You will learn how to configure and manage resources. It also covers designing and managing SnapVault replication and many more. Also, have in mind that tt’s a 5-day course. So, it’s quite long.

Dates for the month of April are:

16 April – 20 April

23 April – 27 April

30 April – 4 May

ONTAP 9.3 Data Protection Administration

This is a 2-day course which focuses on data protection administration with ONTAP. It will cover how SyncMirror software can be used to protect data at the aggregate level. Also featured is storage virtual machine disaster recovery setup. Along with the operation of these features and many more.

Dates for the month of April are:

12 April – 13 April

19 April – 20 April

ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration

This is a 3-day course dedicated to cluster administration with ONTAP. Atendees will also learn about configuring and managing networking resources. They will also learn how to create and configure a storage virtual machine (SVM). And also how to create and manage FlexVol® volumes. Plus, a lot more.

Dates for the month of April are:

16 April – 18 April

23 April – 25 April

Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions

This course will teach IT pros how to configure OnCommand Unified Manager, monitor and Manage storage objects. They will also learn how to configure Oncommand Performance Manager. The course also teaches the features and benefits of OnCommand Workflow Automation. And it’s a 2-day course, so it will be quick.

Dates for the month of April are:

23 April – 24 April

Even more training courses

Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing

This comprehensive course teaches a series of important skills for Cisco data center professionals. Among these skills are: Install Cisco R-Series rack enclosures in the data center. Also how to use the Cisco Integrated Management Controller to provision LAN and SAN connectivity for the C-Series server. There’s also how to implement virtualization features unique to Cisco UCS that improve performance and manageability, etc. It’s a course for which you will need 3 days.

Dates for the month of April are:

30 April 30 – 2 May

Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric

This course familiarizes you with NetApp hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions. It also shows you how to weave the solutions into the Data Fabric powered by NetApp. It also features several exercises. They show you how to use NetApp and third-party tools. You will also practice how to manage, move and protect data throughout the cloud. This is a 4-day course.

Dates for the month of April are:

16 April – 19 April

More guaranteed dates

ONTAP Performance Analysis

Here we have another 3-day course. This one is aimed at ONTAP performance analysis. It helps NetApp professionals understand how a storage system running ONTAP 9 functions. It also helps them identify the commands and tools to use to collect and monitor storage system performance. You will also learn how to interpret performance data. And then how to identify hindrances to storage system performance.

Dates for the month of April are:

30 April – 2 May

Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

This is another long, 5-day training. It covers the important topic of desingning Cisco wireless enterprise networks. And it also covers the whole process, including coverage, applications, security, etc. It’s quite the training, so have that in mind.

Dates for the month of April are:

16 April – 20 April

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 Version 3.0

This is another 5-day long Cisco-related training course. It features network fundamentals and Internet connectivity. It also teaches managing and securing devices. There’s also IPv6 basics and many more.

Dates for the month of April are:

16 April – 20 April