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The Guaranteed to Run IT trainings for May 2018

It has happened to pretty much everyone who have signed up for a training course. The date comes and… the training is cancelled. With these Guaranteed to Run courses, there’s no such risk.

For May 2018 the Coursedot marketplace again has several IT trainings with guaranteed dates. This means you can sign-up for them and know for sure that they will happen. And this makes planning a little bit easier. So, here are the

Guaranteed to Run IT trainings for May 2018

This month the Coursedot marketplace has 6 IT trainings with guaranteed dates. Of course, they come along with thousands of other trainings, workshops and eBooks.

As always, our team is available to help you with any additional questions.

Of course, you can check out more about the courses on their dedicated pages.

The courses for May 2018

Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing

This 3-day training will help Cisco specialists hone their skills even more. It is an in-depth training focusing on a vast plethora of Cisco tech. Among the modules we can see UCS B-series trainings, VLAN trainings and also VM-FEX lessons. The training also includes labs and several additional modules.

Dates for the month of May are:

23 May – 25 May

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 Version 3.0

This is a long 5-day training which features everything you need to know. IT professionals will learn everything there is for Cisco Network Devices and how to interconnect them. It’s a training which builds upon Part 1. So, you shouldn’t miss it if you want to get the complete picture.

Dates for the month of May are:

21 May – 25 May

Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualisation and Automation

Here we have another big and important course. This one is 3 days long and focuses on Data Center Virtualisation and Automation. As you can expect, it features lots of modules. Among them we can see how to implement vurtualisation. The course also teaches configuring security domains and deploying Cisco AVS. Finally, the training also has 14 Labs. They teach the whole process and also make it easier to remember the vast information.

Dates for the month of May are:

28 May – 30 May

NetApp ONTAP Guaranteed dates

ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration

Network and system engineers can find this course to their liking. It’s best if they know the ONTAP fundamentals beforehand, though. This 3-day course teaches a lot about proper ONTAP administration. You will learn about configuring and managing resourses. Also, you will create protocol servers, virtual machines, etc. Of course, there’s a module on efficiency features and upgrading.

Dates for the month of May are:

7 May – 9 May

14 May – 16 May

28 May – 30 May

ONTAP 9.3 Data Protection Administration

Keeping data safe is quite important. This ONTAP training helps network and system engineers secure the data on their servers. The 2-day training teaches about SnapMirror and SnapVault replication. It also teches how to use SyncMirror to protect at the aggregate level. There’s also a module on disaster recovery.

Dates for the month of May are:

17 May – 18 May

31 May – 1 June

ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration and Data Protection

Finally, the sixth guaranteed to run course for May. It’s for NetApp pros who want to manage clustes with ease and be on top of the data protection. The course also features lots of modules on storage virutal machines, SnapMirror, etc. There’s also a disaster recovery module. And of course, how to use the OnCommand System Manager, too. This is also a long course – 5 day. It has to be, though, with so many modules.

Dates for the month of May are:

14 May – 18 May