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Coursedot joins Campus X in Sofia

We are pleased to announce that Coursedot is joining the newly opened Campus X in Sofia, Bulgaria. Campus X is the new venture of Telerik and Telerik Academy’s founders Vassil Terziev, Svetozar Georgiev and Boyko Iaramov.

Now they combine their experience and expertise in order to continue their long term vision of helping the Bulgarian IT industry grow. While the simple description of Campus X is a private tech incubator, it’s a lot more than that.

Yes, Campus X does indeed offer modern office space, facilities, technologies, etc. But Campus X is more than office space. It combines the existing Telerik Academy facilities, individual IT professionals, freelancers, tech startups. All of them join together to have their own office space, common meeting rooms and access to help and contacts from top experts, mentors, investors. The goal – create a much needed environment for tech companies to develop their ideas and grow.

People in mind

Such office spaces usually put the office first. Campus X puts the people first. People can move about and work wherever they feel comfortable. Campus X wants to encourage interaction between companies and people. Plus, companies and investors will have an easy way to stay in touch with newly developing IT professionals from the Telerik Academy. This way they can find new team members much easier and faster.

Campus X aims to solve the day-to-day problems of tech companies. This also includes access to additional services, including accounting, legal and administrative help. This way the members of Campus X can focus on their actual and important work and products.

Campus X will have a total of 4 buildings all withing reach of each other. The first one is already working and two more will be operational by the end of the year. The fourth one will join by Spring 2019.  In the end, Campus X will accommodate 1000 people.

Common ground for all

Campus X also aims to team up like-minded people. It wants to create a unified team. Everyone in Campus X have to want to help others. They also have to want to communicate with members of the Telerik Academy. Everyone will have to help each other in order for everyone to be able to beat their competition.

Companies and individuals who want to join Campus X will have to be able to show they can do that. Candidates will be evaluated not on their ability to pay the rent, but on their work and how they can be helpful to other members. There’s also an office of Eleven Ventures in Campus X which will help with more than the rent for the best ideas.

So, what’s Coursedot going to do in Campus X? One of our top goals is to help create world class IT professionals with top skills. Being so close to the Telerik Academy is going to be a great opportunity for us to do so. We will be able to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest in IT education. So, we are looking forward to this opportunity and we will be happy to meet you there.