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The IT training courses with guaranteed dates for July 2018 on the Coursedot Marketplace

July may be a month where most of us think about vacations, but there’s still skills to develop. So, we have some IT trainings with guaranteed dates on hand which you might want to check out.

As you might expect, during this time of the year, there aren’t many guaranteed dates. Still, there are some dates for two courses for July 2018. And here they are:

One of them is the ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration and Data Protection.

This course gives network engineers an in-depth journey within the details of ONTAP configurations, mangement and many more. The course features lots of modules and covers everything. It also pays attention to the SnapVault replication, SyncMirror. There are also modules for performing storage virtual machine distaster recovery, etc.

It’s best if attendees have already completed some of the ONTAP Fundamentals trainings, so they can get into things easier. Also, have some extra time, as this is a long 5-day course.

Guaranteed dates for July 2018:

16 July – 20 July in London, England.

The other course with a guaranteed date for July 2018 is the ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration.

This one is based on the previous training. It focuses only on the Cluster Administration. As a result it’s a bit shorter – 3 days. Still, attendees will get to learn a lot. From how to create a cluster to how to manage ONTAP administrators, etc. There’s also a module for managing FlexVol volumes, implementing storage efficiency features and a lot more.

It’s also best if attendees have completed ONTAP Cluster, NAS and/or SAN Fundamentals beforehand. This will make getting into the groove much easier.

Guaranteed dates for July 2018:

16 July- 18 July in London, England.

Still can’t find the exact date, location or type of training you need? You can contact us with your request and we will get back to you with an offer.