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How to Survive the Future of IT

IT is changing the future. That’s not only a buzz phrase, but a fact. And while people seem prepared for that, how will IT companies handle the future of IT?

There are a lot of changes that are coming to the world of IT. Starting from changes thanks to automation and robotics, to VR, Blockchain and a lot more.

Today, even the most futuristic concepts like self-aware AI  for example, seem within reach. Of course, it will take some time to make them a reality, but the IT industry is definitely headed in this way and there’s no stopping it.

IT as a whole is a game of change and adapting at a very fast pace without taking a break. And companies have to do it while running a stable business, too. Surviving the future of IT will be even more difficult. The rate of changes will only get faster and quite a lot of these changes will have disrupting potential. All of this will mean changes in IT, technologies as a whole and even in business and society.

So, how to prepare and survive the future of IT?

Luckily, we have the right person to talk to. Coursedot’s CEO Teodor Panayotov has a special Survival Guide for the Future of IT and he will present it later this week.

Teodor will take part of DEV.BG’s All In One event on August 25th in Sofia, Bulgaria which is organized with the help of Leanplum. Teodor will begin his talk at 17:15 until 18:00.

The event is free to attend, but there’s a mandatory free registration that all visitors must do beforehand.

Teodor will give an exponential technology overview of the major current and future trends in IT. Among them are AI, AGI, IoT, Automation, Blockchain and Cybersecurity. He will also talk about the convergence of the Bio, Tech and Physical worlds.

Then we come to the meat of the issue. Teodor will talk about the survival skills for humans in the future. They feature creativity, complex problem solving, management and emotional intelligence. Finally, he will also give a few tips on what we all need to know to thrive in a few years when the future of IT starts becoming our present more and more.

Afterwards, there will be time for a quick Q&A session and of course, a networking part. So, if you’re in Sofia this coming weekend and want to start your Saturday evening the right way, be sure to check out this event and come by. Just don’t forget to register beforehand.