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5 tips to get the most out of the Coursedot Instructor Hub

The Coursedot Instructor Hub is one of the largest IT instructor hubs in the world. It gives IT instructors the opportunity to explore and apply for offers from all top training companies worldwide.

As of this writing there are already a couple of thousand of IT instructors already on the platform. The Coursedot Instructor Hub aims to simplify the way instructors find, apply for and manage their opportunities.

One of the main ways Coursedot Instructor Hub does that is by saving a lot of time. Instead of writing and compiling emails with documents for every offer, instructors can simply have their own profile, filled with all certifications, skills and other data. This way applying for new offers can become as simple as a one-click effort.

Another benefit of the Coursedot Instructor Hub is the actual offer selection. The Hub will show offers which are relevant to each instructor’s certifications and skills. Of course, there’s also the option to view all offers if you so wish. That and a lot more is all free after a simple registration.

The Coursedot Instructor Hub will continue to evolve and add new features. Even so, there’s already plenty of useful stuff. So, here are

5 tips to get the most out of the Coursedot Instructor Hub

Fill your profile to 100%

It sounds obvious, but it’s often something we all miss. In this case, you should absolutely fill in your profile to 100%. Don’t forget to upload your CV and certificates in the dedicated fields, too. This way it makes it much easier for the Coursedot team to check you have all the needed requirements for the job offers you’ve applied. It also increases your chances to be selected by the training company or the client in general to be the one to lead the training.

Add all skills that are relevant to you

The profile features a special box where you can fill your skills. It’s the place where you can be as detailed as possible. Add all the skills that are relevant to your certifications and abilities. This way you improve your visibility and increase the suitable opportunities that the Hub will select for you.

Don’t miss out on the feedback

When you first fill out your profile, there’s also a field for you to upload feedback files from previous trainings. This is a very important detail which often has a deciding factor when the clients pick trainers. So, be sure to keep it updated and relevant.

Personalize your applications

When you find a job offer you like, you can click the Apply button and send your application. If your profile is already filled properly, you will be able to simply confirm your application and send it. But, it’s better if you review it and enter a rate you consider more appropriate. Even better – use the “Message” field to add additional details to your application. It can be anything you deem appropriate. From additional skills and references to Travel & Accommodation details and so on.

Sharing is caring

The Coursedot Instructor Hub is also a way to help spread the opportunities for everyone. If you come across an offer which isn’t in your skill set, but you know someone who could be interested, share it with them. They might just return the favor. And soon enough the Coursedot Instructor Hub will also introduce a reference program, so you will get additional bonuses.

So, if you haven’t registered already, you can do so right here. Or if you have, don’t forget to update your profile.