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How to boost your profile visibility on the Coursedot Instructor Hub

The Coursedot Instructor Hub is a place where IT instructors around the globe can explore and apply for offers from top training companies. It simplifies the process by which instructors can choose which opportunities to send in their offers for.

The whole process to work with the Coursedot Instructor Hub is quite simple. We’ve already outline how you can get the most out of the Hub right here.

In short, you register, fill in your profile, upload your CV and certifications and are good to go. The data is only accessible to you and the Coursedot operations team as usual. When you apply for an opportunity, the Coursedot operations team evaluates each application and chooses the most relevant ones to give to the client who then makes the final decision.

As always, you’re competing with other instructors. But this time you have an advantage. The Coursedot Instructor Hub allows you to better stand out from the competition.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve that and boost your profile visibility:

100% completion

You will notice that there’s a progress bar in your profile. Fully completed profiles (photo included) boost the trust levels and make it easier for the operations teams and clients to get to know you. Plus, it makes it easier for the system to pick the right offers to show you with a priority.

Proper skill tagging

In your profile there’s a section where you can add skill tags. It’s tempting to just add as much skills as possible, but don’t. Instead focus only on the skills you actually have or are interested in. You can be as detailed as you want with choosing relevant skills, too. Just focus on the stuff you know and care about. This way you will get the most relevant opportunities and will attract the attention of the right clients.

Feedback is key

Also in the profile there’s an option to upload feedback files from recent trainings. Be sure to add them as they are very important to clients. This way they see if you’re going to be a right fit for their trainees which is vital for a good and successful training. After you complete opportunities via the Coursedot Instructor Hub you will also receive such feedback which will be part of your profile.

That personal touch

When you apply for offers you have the opportunity to edit and tweak your rate and other details. This allows you to be more flexible and unique for each application. There’s also a Message box where you can state additional details about your qualifications, preferences, travel and accommodation or so on. You can also add a personal message to the team on why you feel you are the right choice for the offer.

Be active

One of the goals of the Coursedot Instructor Hub is to also develop a community. It’s not only about finding more training opportunities. It’s also about creating contacts, helping out. So, if you decide to browse all offers and come across something which a friend of yours would like and is certified for it, share it with them. Plus, if you have any feedback for the Coursedot Instructor Hub, be sure to let us know. We are always open to suggestions and we made this platform for you.