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Things not to miss on the Coursedot Instructor Hub

The Coursedot Instructor Hub the place for IT instructors worldwide to explore and apply for offers from top training companies. The main goal is to make this process simple and efficient.

This is possible thanks to a simple and efficient system which helps IT instructors find the relevant opportunities they want. Clients also have an easier way to find suitable trainers and evaluate the applications they receive.

There are a few things you shouldn’t miss on the Coursedot Instructor Hub. This way you will use the platform to its fullest.

Here’s what not to miss on the Coursedot Instructor Hub

100% profile completion

You may have heard this before. Filling your profile to 100% is not for vanity. It actually helps the platform pick the right job opportunities to offer to you. And when you apply for them, it makes it easier and faster for the Coursedot operations team to approve the application. Then, it also makes it easier for the client to make the final choice. It’s definitely the first thing you should do and make sure you haven’t missed any fields. Make sure you don’t miss:

  • Filling your skills and certifications
  • Completing the Professional Info section
  • Enter your Standard Daily Rate
  • Upload your CV/Resume

Search filters

By default, the platform will show relevant jobs to your profile as a priority on top of the list. Still, you may want to see what else is out there or to refine the search to be even more specific. By adding filters to the selection, you can refine the results down go a set date, location, specific skills and many more. And you can do that without even typing keywords in the main search field.

Applying for jobs

When you apply for jobs, you have the opportunity to personalize your offers for each offer. This means you can adjust your Standard Daily Rate if you want. There’s also a Message box which is very important. In it you can enter additional details why you’ve given a certain rate or why you are the ideal pick for the job.

Receive job offers option

Of course, chances are you are busy and don’t have the time to always check the Coursedot Instructor Hub to see if there are any new jobs for you. So, you can go to your profile and and the very bottom you can see a section with Subscription options. One of them is Receive Job Offers. Make sure it’s activated (lights up in orange). This way you will receive relevant job offer straight to your email. Again, those offers will come based on the information you’ve entered in your profile. So, make sure it’s accurate and up-to-date to get the best out of it.

Contacting Coursedot

The Coursedot Instructor Hub Has several options which allow trainers to contact the team. You can do so via the Live chat option or via the provided contacts for the Coursedot Operations Team. They will help you with anything and everything about the Hub and are always open to feedback, suggestions, questions and hearing from you.