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The technology trends which can make or break your career in 2019

It’s a new year and time for us to get back into business. So, we are coming back with your tech trends of 2019, but with a twist. Forbes has an interesting article about 5 tech trends which will make or break many careers in 2019.

It’s definitely an interesting point of view. It’s easy to agree with most if not all of these predictions.

On one hand Artificial intelligence will indeed continue to develop and become more and more prevalent. This means a lot of new opportunities for software developers everywhere. AI will be all around people and most won’t even know that it’s AI which controls most of their services and features. In order to do so, though, AI first needs top software developers to set things up.

Next, Forbes mentions the Healthcare industry and mostly the various applications of technology in this field. There’s certainly massive potential. Services, which people are used to think about from a corporate standpoint, for example cloud apps, can in fact be very useful in healthcare, too.

Silent storms

Then, there’s also the blockchain. It took a step back to the fall of cryptocurrencies in 2018. But behind the scenes, companies continued to work and explore the various uses of blockchain for their businesses. Expect this to continue in 2019 and while most of the advancements will remain under the mainstream radar, there will be a lot of things to pay attention to.

Forbes also mentions the smart cities. It’s a good idea to expand this to IoT in general. Smart cities will for sure play a major role in IoT as they provide a lot of opportunities for new technologies to change lives. IoT is expected to grow rapidly from 2020 onward, but the first steps are already made.

Another interesting forecast is the rise of global e-sports. Deloiite expects this market to grow by 35% in 2019. There are already big money in eSports with big tournaments, franchises, sponsors and whole leagues of various games and professional gamers. There are also opportunities here to create new services for both gamers and spectators to get the most out of eSports.

Hidden gems

But that’s not all of what will matter in 2019. Security is also as important as ever. It doesn’t matter how good of an AI service you will create or what an incredible healthcare app or smart city platform you will make, if the security is lackluster. It may not sound as exciting as shaping the future with AI, but there won’t be any AI future if it isn’t secure enough.

We can also say the same about 5G, too. The new generation of mobile networks is going to kick into high gear this year. There’s a lot on the 5G plate. It’s expected that it will be able to carry the vast loads from all of the IoT devices, autonomous cars, AI, cloud services, video streaming and more. And 5G will also have to be a sort of WiFi competitor. Building these networks will take a lot of effort and it will need people who know what they are doing.

So, there are plenty of career opportunities in tech in 2019. And all of them are dependent on one another in order to achieve their full potential.