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Wondering what technologies are worth your next certification? Let’s find out

Many IT professionals and especially IT instructors are always on the hunt for the up-and-coming technologies. Being on top of what’s coming is vital.

So, what technologies are worth investing your time, effort and finances? The 2019 State of the Cloud Report by RightScale and Flexera may help you out. It features a lot of interesting data about the cloud market and the surrounding technologies.

One of them is the fastest growing services and technologies among cloud users. And in this case, “cloud users” means SMBs and Enterprises with 1000+ employees.

The most popular cloud services are:

*Data warehouse



*Batch processing

*Stream processing

*Machine learning


Bet on the cloud

Cloud platforms in general are enjoying healthy rise in interest, spending and more. 50% of companies spend more than $1.2 million per year on cloud. For some that spending is more than $12 million per year. 32% spend up to $120K.

Amazon Web Services remains the most popular public cloud, but the share drops by 3% to 61%. Microsoft Azure is gaining ground, growing from 45% to 52%. Google Cloud is third with 19%, followed by VWmare Cloud on AWS with 12%, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

The private cloud growth is a bit more modest, but it’s still quite popular. The most popular platforms are VMware vSphere with 50% usage, OpenStack with 28%, VMware vCloud Director with 27%. Also on the list are Microsoft System Center, Bare-metal Cloud, Azure Stack, Cloudstack and AWS Outpost.

Why so many percentages? It’s because Enterprises are betting huge on the multi-cloud strategy. 84% of Enterprises with 1000+ employees use multi-cloud with the hybrid cloud being the top choice.

And this means the need for cloud professionals, trainings and instructors continues to rise. And this is valid for all things cloud. Including DevOps tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform and Salt.

In short, cloud certifications are the way to go for the next new years. There’s big potential there.

The future of 5G

5G is all the talk now and it’s going to get more and more popular. The first 5G networks are making their way and with all the hype around this tech, things will be quite wild.

Telecoms and companies expect 5G to become a backbone of all types of communications. From critical infrastructure, to healthcare, autonomous cars, drones, real-time 4K and 8K streaming and so much more. All while handling the expected explosion of IoT devices, the edge cloud and end users’ ever increasing internet consumption.

As a result, networks specialists will be quite important. Network engineers, network security specialists, network everything. Keep a close eye on the 5G developments as they might seem slow right now, but it’s getting closer and closer to the point where things will kick into high gear.