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Join Coursedot at the 2019 LibertyBits Conference and explore decentralization, blockchain and more

If you’re interested in blockchain, privacy, independent living and more, then the LibertyBits Conference is something you shouldn’t miss.

The Conference is on May 4th, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The even will host several speakers and panels on 4 main topics – Blockchain, Privacy, Free Software, Independent Living.

Coursedot will also take part as an event partner. Members of the Coursedot team will be at hand during the event and will take part in the talks.

You can get tickets right here. Use the promocode COURSEDOT for 10% off the ticket price at checkout. The code is valid until April 10th, 2019, so be sure to used it before then.

LibertyBits 2019 at a glance

The LibertyBits conference will be held at Sofia Tech Park. Among the main topics this year is decentralization and independence of the individual in modern society.

It will focus on talks about blockchain uses, privacy protections both on individual and corporate level. Blockchains are expanding beyond the financial world and their uses as a trustless consensus mechanism could become very widespread. Major corporations are also already implementing blockchains to verify their products and services.

Another important topic will be Free Software which will explore the benefits, risks and more. LibertyBits will explore the uses of audit-able source code and how it will function within the expectations and needs of users and companies.

Finally, the Independent Living talks will explore both obvious and not-so-obvious challenges. One of them includes even living off-grid, including using building materials from waste, renewable energy sources and alternative ways of working.

The main goal of LibertyBits is to show how technologies can help solve even ethical issues related to centralization and dependence on monopolies of governmental and corporate nature.

Among the speakers we see Alex Sander, who is an EU Public Project Manager for the FSTE, Sevgin Mustafov, CEO of GlobalizeIT, Meglena Antonova, energy campaigner and Greenpeace and more. There’s an interesting mix of established experts, young talent and advocates for freedom of speech, human rights and also individual privacy.

The organizers of LibertyBits say they aim to popularize Bulgaria as the leading stage for similar forums on the Balkans. This is the second year of the conference and the organizers want to turn this event into a tradition. They aim to make LibertyBits both informative and helpful for the visitors and useful and economically effective for the participants and sponsors.

You can find out more details about LibertyBits right here. Coursedot will look forward to see you at the event.