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Students will show their home and smart technologies during TUES Fest 2019

For the second year in a row, the Technological School Electronic Systems in Sofia (more known as simply TUES) will have a special student tech fest. This year the topic is “Technology for everyone”.

It will see students showing their own home and smart technology projects. This year over 150 students from grades 8th to 12th will take part in TUES Fest.

TUES Fest 2019 will be on April 20th, 2019. The event starts at 10:00 local time and will continue up to 17:00. The place is at the TUES premises in Sofia, Mladost 1 which is very close to St, Anna University Medical Center.

The students will show over 60 projects in various categories. Some of them are software projects, network development and more. There’s also robotics, video games and more.

Among the projects which will grab attention are Battle bots, a walking trash bin, a computer mouse with a hand cooling system, a toaster for photos and a lot more. That’s part of the fun side of the TUES Fest. Also on hand – a prototype 8-bit computer.

There are other nifty projects, too. Like a coffee machine with voice controls, automated fish aquarium, a heating cup, a system for controlling the home lights and more. You will also be able to check out a remote control system for cars which can turn on the ignition, the lights and controls the heater.

But, wait, there’s more

Visitors will check out more cool stuff. There’s a translator device which types in Braille, a system which automatically sorts the medications for elderly, a physical and mental mentor-system and more. Students will also show a system for tracking and guaranteeing the authenticity of products in the store.

TUES students have also developed network architectures, cyberdefence systems and a software-defined radio system. There’s also a system for PC gesture control. All of this will be on hand during the TUES Fest 2019.

A bit of competition

What’s a fest without some competition, right? Projects can enter three categories and compete for the win. The winners will be announced at 16:30 local time and the visitors will be the one voting.

And while there’s a sprinkle of competition, the TUES Fest is all about learning and having a good time. The whole event is organized by volunteer students from 11th grade, helped by the school management and TUES alumni.

So, if you’re in Sofia on April 20th and have some time, be sure to go and check out TUES Fest 2019. The doors are open for everyone, but it’s best if you register beforehand. You can do so right here.