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Day 2 of Microsoft Inspire 2019 brings certifications, skills and AI to the forefront

Microsoft’s Inspire 2019 event is going strong in Las Vegas. Day 2 concluded and it was quite dynamic. Hot topics were certifications, skills and AI.

Coursedot brings you a simple gist of what’s happening during Inspire 2019 all week. Things are shaping up to be quite interesting, so check them out. Also, the Day 1 recap is right here.

And, if you want to meet Coursedot during the event, you’re in luck. You can contact our CEO Theodor Panayotov. Here is at the event all week and you can get in touch with him via his LinkedIn profile.

Key trends from Day 2:

  • AI is one of the main topics during the entirety of Inspire 2019. But not just AI in general. Things are a bit more focused to AI in Azure.
  • Azure Machine Learning continues to develop and expand, becoming even quicker.
  • Knowledge Mining helps organizations uncover insights from all their content – documents, images and media – using Azure Search, the only cloud search service with built-in AI capabilities, Microsoft says.
  • Trainings and certifications will continue to play a key role in the cloud and AI.
  • Microsoft adds a new AI Business School Learning path to the Partner Training Center.
  • There’s also the new Microsoft Azure AI Accelerate Program.

What our boots on the ground say:

  • Microsoft will get closer with partners including reports from Microsoft to partners about what customers have done in MS Learn.
  • The company will keep the learning content “always updated”.
  • Microsoft Learn will expand even more adding new features like single profile history, including training activities, courses and certifications.
  • Growing customer skills is going to be a major focus.
  • MS Certified Trainers will get new upskilling events, new resources and new courseware optimizations.
  • There will be new Microsoft certifications with multiple levels of expertise.
  • Some of the old certifications like MCSA, MCSE could be phased away.

What other attendees say:

What comes next:

It’s time for some relaxation and sleep. Then, Day 3 will commence. And it’s promising to be quite eventful.

If you are at Inspire 2019  and want to meet Coursedot, don’t forget, that our CEO Theodor Panayotov is at the event all week. You can get in touch with him via his LinkedIn profile.