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What happened at the 2019 MCT Summit Europe in Vilnius

Did you missed out the 2019 MCT Summit Europe in Vilnius? Don’t worry. Coursedot was there and we have a nice quick recap for you on what went down.

The event started on September 18th and the main agenda was until the 20th. It featured a lot of talks about the evolution of learning and it explored new developments in Azure, Office 365, etc.

But it wasn’t only about pure technical talks. There were quite a few interesting lectures about improving your presentation skills, being a better trainer and more. There we also interesting topics about the preferences among various generations.

The Summit also addressed some of people’s biggest fears: Public speaking.

Here’s some of the interesting things our boots on the ground found out:
  • Plenty of great soft skills and tech skills sessions
  • Azure is the main focus for tech skills
  • Another hot topic and trend among trainers were cost effective apps to manage IoT devices
  • 5 crucial mistakes made in IT-projects (and how to avoid them) by Erwin Derksen
  • Tiago Costa shared tips and tricks with Azure trainers on how to successfully teach Azure courses
  • Gave feedback on how training materials can be improved and restructured
  • Office365 also got interesting Train the Trainer segments
  • Dutch instructor Marco Timmermans shared tips and tricks on how to keep your class interested
  • Russian Security expert showed how you can hack McAfee Total Protection Suite
  • During the Microsoft Fireside Chat, MCTs discussed issues they have with MS processes, Azure passes, lack of provision of key tool,s etc. Some of them are already underway to be fixed.

The 2019 MCT Summit Europe was definitely a very interesting event. It had a lot going and certainly gave a lot of useful information for trainers.  It was also a great way to meet a lot of new people and create new connections and opportunities. We’re already looking forward to the next installment. There is going to be on that very soon, so stay tuned!